Census paginarum
Paginae in spatio nominali principali218
(Omnes paginae. Hic numerus includit paginas disputationum, redirectiones, etc.)
Fasciculi impositi1
Census recensionum
Recensiones paginarum factae ab initio Latina laxa / Slack Latin Wiki1 234
Recensiones per paginam4.78
Census usorum
Usores relati25 283 975
Usores activi (index rationum)
(Usores qui proximis 30 diebus actionem perfecerunt)
Automata (index rationum)1
Magistratus (index rationum)1
rollback (index rationum)0
Grapheocrates (index rationum)1
Content Moderators (index rationum)0
Check users (index rationum)0
Discussions Moderators (index rationum)0
Chat moderators (index rationum)0

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